CONNECTED: Things about future, cities, and people

How do new technologies affect the present and future of urban environments?

Experts from the Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, and Norway worked together to provide an answer to this comprehensive question. This project featured an exhibition that was shown concurrently in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Bucharest, and Bergen Through research workshops and articles, we were able to determine that people are increasingly taking measures into their own hands and that technologies play a supportive role in this but, fortunately, are not yet the determining factor. Citizen participation, temporariness, new revenue models, and networks are often determining factors in increasingly rapidly changing urban environments. Several districts now undergoing transformation including the Marineterrein (the Netherlands), Halele Carol (Romania), Fargfabriken (Sweden), and the United Sardines Factory (Norway) were inspirational examples for this study.

Commissioned by: EU Culture Programme
Contribution made by Linkeroever: Research, advice, presentation, publication
Download: CONNECTED final booklet