Maker Festival Twente 2015

The festival is always fun and games. Many people take great pride and joy in demonstrating how they are able to make robots, art, 3D models, interactive substances, and many other wonderful creations. It is important to give free reign to this type of creative enthusiasm and provide a space for its expression.

As a continuation of the successful Maker Faire in Hengelo, the Netherlands, we are once again focusing on the entire Twente-area which traditionally is a region for creativity. The biggest challenge we faced was sourcing financial backing. The creative professionals need to be facilitated, communication must take place, and of course, a large hall will be required. This requires money and many volunteers. TETUM Kunstruimte in Enschede, the Netherlands, is efficiently taking on this challenge.

Commissioned by: Linkeroever
Contribution made by Linkeroever: Concept, fundraising, programming, report