Marineterrein Amsterdam

Slowly but surely restoring the public significance of fourteen hectares of closed-off city centre.

The Royal Netherlands Navy has quietly performed its duties on a beautiful piece of land right in the centre of Amsterdam. However, times and purposes have changed and this area will now be given a more publicly accessible character. The Dutch government, the owner of the land, and Amsterdam municipality have decided to collaborate in this development process, which is set to provide added value for everyone. This process requires a conscientious beginning and careful navigation through temporary activities in order to determine what works and what does not. Linkeroever was given the task of assigning a project manager who, as it happens, is an expert in temporariness.

Commissioned by: The Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency (Rijksvastgoed- en Ontwikkelingsbedrijf) and Amsterdam municipality
Contribution made by Linkeroever: Management, implementation, exploitation, communication