Meta van Drunen

Meta is a creative spirit who believes in initiatives that promote healthy and beautiful cities. She is able to successfully pioneer unknown and international areas, transforms ideas into plans, and is a decisive organizer. Meta is highly adaptable and connects people and organizations. She is always searching for a positive vibe.

Meta transformed a factory in Bucharest into a new place where people get together. She is also an enthusiastic initiator and loves taking on new projects. Meta is co-owner of Eurodite: the Romanian-Dutch agency for European city and regional development projects. She studied architecture in Delft, the Netherlands, and in Chicago, USA, and has worked in New York, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Romania. She has an extensive international network in the worlds of architecture, district development, culture, and heritage.

She is a member of Zeppelin: the Romanian platform for city, society, and technology.

In her free time, Meta enjoys taking the road less travelled, swimming, ocean-sailing, being a mum, being in the thick of it, and taking action.