What we do

Call us if a building or district deserves a new lease of life. With intelligent plans, a coherent narrative, a solid financial foundation, and inspirational collaborations, we provide feasibility, transparency, use, and returns. We empower users, owners, financiers, politicians, and developers by providing clear direction.

Feasibility study

Stakeholder sessions, market research, business cases, scenarios.


Inspirational temporary use, finding suitable users, motivation, organization, contracts.


Values, character, promises, competitive position.


Finding funding in the Netherlands and in Europe for grants for projects.

Financing study

Discreet investigations, mediation, contract preparation, tender documents.


A coherent narrative, the right channels, a clearly identified target group, good resources.


Project plan, financing, staffing, production, accountability.

Workshops, seminars, excursions

A practical approach, sharing knowledge, and learning-by-doing.